Naughty step-siblings_(1) by dickheadlover

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Not long ago my mother had remarried to a guy she had met at an art class. He was alright. We had met our step-dad, Chris a few times, sometimes after the art class, or we had invited him over. He'd never actually had us over at his as a family. My brother Jonathan wasn't too keen on him. Neither was I, considering he had 3 other sons. I was not looking forward to having 4 brothers. However, the eldest one Connor caught my eye. He had that certain bad boy aura about him. It made me weak at the knees every time I saw him in his trackies. Damn I'd love to see what was underneath those I thought to myself. Dark haired and tall and just generally sexy. Then it occurred to me that would be wrong on so many levels but that didn't stop my mind wondering. I always imagined him walking in on me doing something extra naughty and things would move on from there. This weekend however, was the first time our step-dad invited us over for dinner and to spend the night so we could all bond. I was super excited to see Connor.

On the way there I could already feel tingles forming in my pussy thinking about him. We got there after a good 2 hours in the car and Chris was waiting for us on the doorstep. He waved us in and gave my mum a peck on the cheek. As I walked down the corridor there was a room with the door open and I could hear someone getting frustrated. I poked my head through the door and there he was, lounging in his chair, controller in his hand and legs wide open. God if no one was home I'd have gotten in between them immediately. I shot him a look trying not to get flushed. "Alright, Connor?" He looked at me for a second then went back to looking at his TV. "Alright?" He said. I rolled my eyes and went onward to the kitchen to greet the other two boys, James and Ryan. Chris was starting to get everything ready for dinner and my mum helped him with the ingredients. Jonathan went out into the backyard to kick a ball about with James and Ryan and I was left on my own, so I went to bug Connor.

I walked in while he was mid-game and sat on the arm of his chair. "You're shit let me play," I said. He laughed at me, "yeah yeah, I'd destroy you, watch." In my mind I was thinking in more ways than one please. "Give me that controller and put a private match on, let's make it fun too." As he handed me his second controller he squinted and said, "like a bet?" I smirked "Sure, if I win I to take me out a ride with your bike," "And if I win you do whatever I decide WHEN I win." I shook his hand, "Deal, get ready to have your arsed kicked!" The match started and it was intense. I got sweaty, probably as sweaty as if I was having sex. It was a close match, I was a few kills behind him. The score became neck and neck and this last shot would determine all. But I got him. I shot up and screamed. "I smashed you, you fucker!" I then sat on him and moved around obnoxiously taking the piss out of him and boy was I enjoying it. Just to add to the moment I teased him a little with my arse, subtly grinding on him. I could tell he was enjoying it. He put his hands on my hips and made no effort to stop me. I turned around straddling him and looked him deep in the eyes and he did too. His lips looked so damn good. They were pretty nice for a white boy. I was so close to leaning in. For a split second, I lost my mind and brushed his lips leaving him wanting more. As I got up, he pulled my hand but I pulled away, smirking at him. The fact that this was all wrong made it so much hotter. I had to decide whether I wanted to make a move now which was risky as hell, or wait until everyone had gone to sleep. Fuck it. It was now or never, this was the moment. We were both longing for it and it wouldn't be a while until dinner was ready. Or so I hoped. Waiting any longer and the feelings would've died.

I locked the door and began walking back towards him. He had that look of hunger on his face, so did I. He watched me take my jumper and shirt off slowly, smiling and biting his lip while doing so. I was now down to my bra, jeans and shoes. Before I took those off, I went over to sit on his lap, lightly brushing his obvious bulge with my hand. I put my arms around his neck and he kissed me, his warm tongue dancing with mine for just a brief moment. "Once we do this we aren't going back, I hope you're OK with this," he whispered. Face to face I replied, "right now, there's nothing I want more than for you to fuck me, so shut up and get a move on." He chuckled and his hands made his way down my back and to my arse, giving my cheeks a firm squeeze. I let out a soft moan as I kissed his neck. He pulled back and started taking off his hoodie. I slid my hands under his shirt, still at his neck. Connor started pulling at my bra straps, sliding them down my arm and pulling the cups off of my breasts. I was exposed and loving it. "Jesus they look just as good as I imagined." I giggled, "glad you like them." He cupped them and started giving them soft squeezes while adding a nipple rub here and there. He planted his chin on my shoulder, giving me soft kisses as he unhooked my bra.

It drove me completely insane but I had to remember people were just down the hall. He tugged at the back on my jeans, signalling for them to be gone. I got up and turned around so he had a full on view of my arse. I removed my boots and slowly pulled my jeans down, moving my hips while doing so for added effect. Once they were off, I turned back towards him and got on my knees. "Come on, I'm dying to see that cock of yours." I said inching closer towards him. He moved his hands out the way and laid back. "Come and get it if you want it that bad," he smirked. That boy was a lazy shit but somehow it made me wetter doing all the work. I wasted no time in removing his trackies with his boxers as I was dying for that cock and god it was beautiful. There it was, hard against his stomach, T-shirt still on. Pink head that looked sweet and the shaft, a perfect length and girth. Not forgetting those beautiful balls. I pulled my hair back and ran my tongue up the shaft while looking up and him. Continuing up until the tip, also running my tongue around it. He let out a few breaths turning me on even more. I took his cock in my hand and put it in my warm wet mouth in one go and started sucking slowly, occasionally fondling his balls gently. He was loving it, moaning softly with one hand on my head pushing slightly. He would also thrust gently into my mouth, making me gag a little. By now I was going at a reasonable speed, using my hand and my mouth sometimes only sucking on the tip. While he was in my mouth, I could taste a little of the pre-cum. It had a rather salty taste to it, but I'd waste no time in swallowing his load. I felt his cock twitching inside my mouth. After a good five minutes, I stopped and looked up at him. "I don't want you to have all the fun." "Well you better get up here and sit on this cock." As I got up, he removed his top and I once again turned around so he could have a view on my almost bare arse. He pulled my red panties to the side and started rubbing up and down my pussy. "Fuck you're so wet." I couldn't respond, only moan. It felt so good to have someone else play with my wet pussy and clit. A toe curling feeling.

He leaned in and gave my pink pussy a few teasing licks before sliding two fingers inside. He slowly fingered me whilst I had my hand down my pants rubbing my clit and trying my hardest to hold back my moans. He pulled his fingers out and pulled me back too. "Keep your panties on, it's sexy as fuck." I giggled, "anything for you, just get inside of me, don't make me beg." I could feel the tip of his cock on my entrance slowly going in. He pushed the head in and back out and repeated. He was teasing me so hard and it felt good. "Connor, please," I moaned. "You like that? You're so fucking tight," Connor moaned as he slowly pushed the rest of his cock in. "Fuuuck.." I moaned as I played with my nipples. I could feel the last part of his cock go in as he thrusted himself inside. I bit on my finger as he began to fuck me nice and slow, pulling out each time. "Fuck, Connor, you know how to make me feel so good," I moaned, eyes closed, senses heightened. He increased his speed, and I could feel his balls hitting me each time. "Shit, Jade, never would've imagined your pussy could make me feel this damn good," he said as he began to get rough, gripping my waist hard. It only made me hornier. "Oh my god, Connor, fuck this pussy good baby, fuck it like you own it." I moaned.

As we were both getting to the peak of the moment, the doorknob started to rattle. "Shit!" I jumped. It was followed by a knock. "Connor? Jade? Dinner's about the be ready in like, ten minutes, so come to the kitchen." It was Ryan. "Why is it locked? Connor, you dickhead." Little did he know Connor was still fucking me good. "Piss off you little shit. I'm coming." Connor called back, suppressing his pleasure well. He pulled out of me and I was taken aback. "Well I guess we'll have to finish this a bit later, won't we?" He chuckled, rubbing the tip of his cock along my still wet pussy. "Stop teasing, I hate you." I replied, moving myself away from him. I was trying to get my clothes on while being on the brink on cumming. I was pissed. Connor had gotten dressed before me and headed for the door. "See ya in the kitchen, don't take too long." I flipped him off as he shut the door. He opened it again briefly before exiting for good and said, "by the way... I let you win." He smirked as left. I let out a frustrated groan as I rolled my eyes to the back of my head. "What a loser," I muttered. Here comes the real challenge, eating dinner with my step-brother and acting as if we didn't just fuck. Great. But I couldn't wait to see where our new found hobby would go.

Rating: 91%, Read 31860 times, Posted Jan 06, 2017

Fiction | Blowjob, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male


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