My Family Reunion by OneTwelveTwo

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Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Teen Female, Threesome, Virginity, Young

You are a normal-looking guy that is surrounded by hot women. Most of your family members have exclusively daughters, and all of them are over eighteen. None of the girls at school even compare to your cousins, aunts, and sisters. Good news, though. A family reunion has been planned, and you are driving over there right now. You hope that you don't cum in your pants again this time. Once you arrive, you walk in the front door and see all kinds of people you haven't seen in years. Some of them have gotten a lot bigger, some of them have gotten a lot older, and some of them you don't recognize.

But one things for sure: All of them are family, and almost all of them are good-looking women.

You go from one person to another, hugging and kissing each one. Your Mom is the first to notice you, and she comes over to you right away.

"I'm so glad you are here!" She says. "I just know this is going to be a great reunion. Do you know how everyone is related to each other? Let me show you."

She takes your arm and begins showing you all the people in the room.

"I know that you have been away at college for so long, so let me just reintroduce you to everyone!" Mom says.

"These are your cousins Phoebe and Sadie!" The pair of twins are both short, standing at around 5'4" each. Their long, dark hair and brown eyes are wonderful to look at. Their breasts are smaller, but still perfect, just like their asses. You reintroduce yourself and are greeted with a shriek and hugs. "We haven't seen you for so long!" Phoebe exclaimed. Sadie smiled and giggled, "You've certainly grown!" with a wink. You smile back and continue greeting the others.

"This is your cousin Brenda!" Brenda stands a little taller than the rest, at around 6 feet tall, with her long, straight black hair and light eyes. She is very tanned from being out in the sun a lot, and you can see a hint of a figure under her tight tank top.

Her breasts are huge, and her ass is firm. You give her a hug and a kiss, "It's wonderful to see you again!" You can see a hint of a blush on her cheeks.

Next up is your cousin, Annabelle.

Her short, blonde hair is certainly a contrast to the mainly black and brown haired family.

Her blue eyes sparkle as she grins at you, holding out her arms to give you a huge hug.

Her breasts are just the right size, and her ass looks great in those tight jeans she is wearing. You can even see a hint of a cameltoe.

You spend a wonderful afternoon with your cousins, and by the time you are through, you feel like you know them quite well.

Of course, you love all of your cousins equally. But sexually, you just can't decide who turns you on the most!

While spending time with them, you definitely notice that all of them are checking you out whenever they think you aren't looking. Maybe you can take advantage of this?

Later that night, you end up telling all of them that you are staying at the house, and you can see their eyes twinkle with delight.

The next day, they all begin flirting with you non-stop.

"Do you want to go play mini-golf?"

"Do you want to go hiking?"

"Do you want to go to the beach?"

"Do you want to go swimming?"

It's like a fucking hurricane of propositions! And you're pretty sure they are all being serious.

You decide to take a trip to the beach with Brenda. 'Maybe I'll get a glimpse of those huge tits in a bikini?' you wonder.

The two of you get to the beach and find a nice, empty spot. Brenda begins taking her clothes off, "I want to sun myself a bit. You don't mind, do you?" She takes her top off, revealing her large, perfectly round and tanned nipples.

You are a little surprised that she is taking this step, but you are certainly not going to stop her.

She continues taking her clothes off, until she is completely naked and lying on the beach. She closes her eyes and basks in the sun.

You lay next to her and do likewise.

You can see her eyes creak open, just a tiny bit, and stare at your giant member. It stands at attention in the sun, a good eight inches of meat slowly getting tanner.

She reaches over, under the masquerade of stretching her arms, and places a hand on your leg.

Her hand slowly makes its way up your leg, until her fingers are on your dick. You know she can feel its temperature, warmth and all that.

"You can touch me if you'd like," you say.

Her eyes open all the way, and she stares at your dick for a second, and then moves her head closer to yours. Her lips press against yours and she begins to fell your tongue, which you eagerly reciprocate. As the two of you enjoy each other's mouths, her hand slowly moves up and down your shaft.

You feel like there is a storm brewing in your mind and you can't tell whether it's the sun or Brenda's fingers doing it, but you don't care.

You kiss Brenda hard and begin to thrust your cock into her hand.

"I love you," you say.

"I love you too," she says breathlessly.

You feel like you are about to explode, but you want this to last forever.

You pull out of Brenda's hand and stare into her eyes. "Do you want a taste?" you whisper.

She nods eagerly, and you push her head down. She opens her mouth and slowly takes your head into her mouth.

Brenda begins to suck on your dick like its the last thing she'll ever do. She swirls her tongue around the head and then slowly begins to take more and more in.

The feeling is so intense that you feel like you are about to pop.

"I'm going to..." you say.

"Do it!" Brenda says excitedly.

And then you do. You spray your hot, thick load into Brenda's mouth. She eagerly swallows every single drop.

When you finish, you collapse on the sand. You are spent. That doesn't matter to Brenda, though. After swallowing, she immediately begins playing with your cock again, and before long it has become fully erect again.

"I want to do this," Brenda says.

"Okay," you reply.

Brenda crawls on top of you and positions her hourglass figure over the giant length of meat about to enter her. She lowers herself onto you and you only enter her by a couple inches. She is screaming in pleasure, and you haven't even been fully inside her yet. Her tight pussy is coating your rod with a thin layer of her cum.

You begin to thrust upward and your cock finally slides fully in and out of her as your hands grab her perfect breasts and squeeze.

Brenda's screams are only turning you on ever more, and you can feel an explosion building up deep in your gut.

"I'm going to come again," you say.

"Come inside me," Brenda gasps. "I want to feel you come deep inside me."

You give a few more thrusts and then fill Brenda's pussy with your hot, creamy load.

You collapse onto the sand as the two of you recover.

"God, that was incredible," you say.

You don't hear a reply, and look over to see that Brenda has passed out with a giant smile plastered on her face. You laugh and clean the both of you up, before carrying her back to the house. You explain to the others that she just fell asleep, and looked too peaceful to awake.

About an hour later, Annabelle comes into your room with a smile on her face. "So," she says. "What did you think about going hiking?" You think for a moment and decide that you would love to see her all sweaty and hot. "Sure!" you replied. "Sounds like fun!". After a few minutes, the two are you have packed all the snacks and drinks that you will probably need, plus a case of beer. The nearest mountain isn't too far away, and you spend the rest of the day trudging up the path. Annabelle grew up near a mountain, so her beautiful, athletic legs can handle this no problem. You, on the other hand, not so much. "Please!" you barely manage to exclaim. "Stop! Let's a few". You can barely finish your sentence before you collapse on the ground in exhaustion. Annabelle laughs and agrees. "Fine, but you have to set up the tent!". Once you catch your breath, you stand up and begin setting up the tent while Annabelle begins making a fire. You can't help but stare at her perfect ass through her jeans as she crouches to light some cardboard ablaze. After about an hour, the fire is roaring, the tent is up, night has fallen, and the case of beer has been totally consumed. You look up to see Annabelle smiling at you. "C'mon", she says, "let's settle down to sleep". The two of you climb into a sleeping bag and relax under the stars.You roll over to face Annabelle's back and spoon her. She seems to enjoy it and cuddles closer into your body. As you lay there, you can feel your dick getting harder, and it slowly twitches in the crack of Annabelle's ass. Either she hasn't noticed yet, has fallen asleep, or is waiting for you to make the next move. You grab her and kiss her passionately, hoping that it will lead to sex.

She opens her eyes in surprise by is overtaken by her instincts. The two of you kiss for a few minutes before you suddenly feel Annabelle squirm. She slowly breaks off the kiss and turns over, her face looking very red. "Sorry", she says, "but you caught me by surprise there".

Confusion fills your face. "Do you...want to stop?" you ask. "NO!" she shouts, then smiles as her face gets even more red."I've just never...uhm...I'm a virgin" she whispers. You are shocked, but manage to keep your composure. "A girl as pretty as you is a virgin?" you ask. "It's nothing to be ashamed of, I'll have you know" she says, "but thanks for your compliment".

You smile at her. "Of course. Do you want to continue?" She thinks for a second, then nods. "Yes. I want to continue". You nod and take a deep breath. Your hand slides down her shaped belly and enter into her pajamas, underneath her panties. Her skin is warm and smooth, and your hand easily finds its way to her warm, wet place. You slowly move your fingers in and out, and you feel her legs begin to tighten. She bites her lip, and you can see she is trying to keep quiet, but she can't hold back a long, pained moan.

You keep at it for a few minutes, until you feel her whole body shudder and get as stiff as a board. She gasps in pain each time, and it takes a few minutes before she stops shuddering. She looks at you, her face a deep red, and smiles. "I want more" she whispers.

You nod, and pull your dick out of your pants. She can't see how large it is, due to the sleeping bag, and she gasps with surprise when she can feel it rubbing against her opening.

With as much care as you can muster, you push a few inches into her.

"AAH!" she screams. You can see that pain shoots through her body, and you wait for a bit. "Are you okay?" you ask. You push again, and her face contorts into a mixture of pain and pleasure. "AAAH! That hurt! Please, please do it again". You nod, and push inside.

As you do, her eyes roll in the back of her head, and she bites her lip again. You are fully inside her now, and you can feel the blood of her popped cherry flowing all over your dick and the sleeping bag.

"Oh, gods" she whispers. You bite your lip, and push in and out of her, the sleeping bag making it really difficult for you to know if you are hurting her or not.

You continue like this for quite some time. Eventually, though, she shuts her eyes and asks you go faster. Now, with permission, you thrust in and out as fast as you can, pounding and pounding your eight inch cock deep into her womb. She screams at this sudden increase in speed and moans louder and louder. She begins to shudder, and you know she is close. You are about to, as well so you dig your nails into her shoulders and thrust even faster than before.

With your other hand you reach around and begin to squeeze her soft, warm tits. She screams at this, and you can tell that she loves it.

With a few more hard thrusts, you feel your own explosion coming. You moan as well and feel your hot, sticky cum flooding deep inside her womb.

You collapse on top of her, and she wraps her arms around you. "I loved that" she whispers.

After a few minutes have passed, your breathing begins to slow. You sit up and look at her. She lays there, looking up at you.

"I loved that, too". She smiles.

You lie down next to her again, and fall asleep in each other's arms. In the morning, you awaken to find her beautiful, blonde head bobbing up and down on your cock.

"Mmm, you are up early" she says as she takes you into her mouth, all the way to the base. You shut your eyes and enjoy the feeling, it's like she is sucking the very life force out of you.

She looks up at you with her big blue eyes, and smiles as she twirls her tongue around the tip of your head.

"Where did you learn to suck dick like that?" you gasp.

She giggles and replies, "Just because I had never fucked anyone before doesn't mean I've never given head". You laugh, and grab her head, guiding her tightly onto you and pushing her down.

You begin to thrust in and out, and she begins to moan as she deepthroats all eight inches. The sound of her gagging and slobbering and breathing on you is incredibly hot, and soon you feel your own release approaching.

You push her head down and shoot your load into her mouth. She keeps her mouth tightly pressed against you, swallowing every last drop.

She pulls her head back and licks her lips as she smiles at you.

"Good morning" she winks.

"It sure is," you reply, and kiss her.

"But we should really be getting back home".

She makes a pouty face and says "Yeah, I guess you're right".

After packing everything back into your packs, the two of you make your way back down the mountain, fucking twice more before finally reaching the house again.

She decides that she has had enough fucking for now, and retreats to her room to relax.

You decide to do the same, but before you manage to reach it you run into the twins Phoebe and Sadie. They both give you a big hug and say "we're so glad you're back!"

They take you into their room and immediately begin talking about what they've been up to. You sit and listen for a while, before Phoebe says "You should come down to the hot springs with us, it's great!". Sadie licks her lips and stares at my chest, before saying, "Yeah, you'll love it".

"Alright, I'll go with you two" you say.

The three of you set off to the springs, which are located a fair way from the house. Eventually you reach a clearing in the trees where three natural hot springs gush together.

Phoebe immediately runs to the furthest spring, sits down in the mud and begins washing herself.

"Don't just stand there, I'll be here all day" Sadie says as she strips naked herself.

You laugh and grab some mud to wash yourself, before joining their naked bodies underneath the rain of hot water.

When you approach, Phoebe immediately averts her eyes from your member, shouting, "Eek! I'm so sorry, I didn't see anything!". Sadie, on the other hand, can't keep her bulging eyes off of it.

You lie down in the hot mud next to them, and slowly stroke your cock up and down. Sadie smirks and walks over to Phoebe. She grabs her hand and leads her to you, trying to get Phoebe to stop being so polite.

"Come on, just put your mouth on it" she whispers.

Phoebe looks hesitant, but knows she can't pass up an opportunity like this. She's had sex before, but none of the guys she's been with had cocks as big as yours.

She kneels down, lowering her face onto your throbbing member.

"Ohh...!" she sighs.

Your manhood slowly disappears into her mouth as she begins to suck. She runs her tongue around the head and under the ridge, before opening her mouth and taking the entire thing into her throat. Sadie looks jealous, and vanishes behind Phoebe. You hear slurping sounds, and Phoebe's eyes widen with surprise as she starts to moan. Her tits are bouncing up and down on your belly as she deepthroats all of your meat.

"Oh god yes! Suck that big dick, girl!" you moan.

You grab her head and begin thrusting in and out of her mouth. You stare down at your naked cousins's head bowing before you, and you feel a mix of emotions. Joy, ecstasy, bliss, passion...and more than a little shame. But all of that is quickly forgotten as you feel an explosion riding a wave deep within you. You firmly grasp Phoebe's head and plow you cock deeper than it has ever gone before inside of her before opening the floodgates of your cum.

You groan loudly, and can see your seed dripping from Phoebe's mouth and nose. She giggles and cleans her face up, wiping away what she can't swallow. Sadie cheers and exclaims "My turn!" before quickly lowering her tight pussy onto your already expanding member. Her tight cunt is even better than Annabelle's, and you can't help but groan yourself.

Sadie's face contorts as she has clearly never been with a full eight inches before, and didn't stop to think that it might feel different than what she's used to. She screams in pleasure and buries her head into your shoulder as you slap against her ass over and over again. Phoebe is still turned on though, and feeling more than a little left out, so you motion for her to sit on your face. She quickly scurries over and plants her dripping pussy over your tongue. You have never felt such pleasure before, fondling and eating one girl out, while intimately fucking the other.Soon, you can feel another explosion inside of you and the other two girls. You keep pounding and sucking, getting closer and closer until all three of you cum hard in unison, all three screaming out in delight and pleasure. Cum drips down your face, and drips out of Sadie's ass. Wait, her ass? You look surprised until you realize that Sadie accidentally placed your giant dick inside if her asshole. No wonder it felt better than Brenda and Annabelle! The three of you are spent, and lie together for a few minutes before bathing each other in the warm spring water. Once you return home, you must take a ride to the airport to return to college. All four girls are upset, and Annabelle cries a little. You remind them that you will see them next year, and it will be even more fun than before. They all giggle in unison before turning to each other in confusion. With a laugh and a wink, you go through the front door, and begin your journey back to college.

Rating: 82%, Read 22260 times, Posted Jun 09, 2020

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Teen Female, Threesome, Virginity, Young


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