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Sue's Woodshop by secondus3085

Sue looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t super happy with her look but she felt that she fit the part of a high school shop teacher. She towered over most of the students being six foot tall, and with her build she looked like she could dominate a rugby pitch. Her flannel shirt and overalls hid her saggy Es, and with her hair up she almost looked like a man. She splashed some water in her face and dried off. She knew she had a couple of minutes before the next period so she took her time Read more...

Rating: 91%, Read 42873 times, Posted Oct 27, 2022

Fantasy | Extreme, First Time, Incest, Mind Control, Monster, School

Lauren's Lesson by secondus3085

Lauren stared at Tracey’s ring as she listened to her explanation. She was almost in disbelief as Tracey reiterated how she secured her man. “It was really quite simple. I sucked his dick everyday whenever he wanted it for a month. Swallowed every load with a smile. On exactly the thirtieth day he took out his dick and I refused. I explained that it didn’t feel right that I had committed myself to him and he hadn’t made a commitment to me. He argued a bit but then I told him that as soon as he w Read more...

Rating: 82%, Read 2972 times, Posted Oct 27, 2022

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Lesbian, Toys

Arianna's Experiment by secondus3085

Arianna was excited to finally be developing the physical side of her PHD thesis. She laid on the mattress in her studio apartment and slowly rubbed her clit. Academic successes always got her in the mood, and this was her biggest yet. She’d had the idea for her thesis since her undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering and now she finally had the funding to get started. She took hold of her small dildo and began working it into her wet pussy. The funding was less than she’d asked for, but based o Read more...

Rating: 73%, Read 11246 times, Posted Oct 03, 2022

Fiction | At work, Consensual Sex, Toys

Uncle's Farm by secondus3085

Maddy was pissed she was being sent to her Uncle’s for the summer. He lived out in the country in the middle of nowhere. The cell reception was terrible, they didn’t have internet, and the house itself was over a hundred years old. All her friends were spending the summer between high school and college traveling to cool places, meanwhile she would be lucky if the town had a public library. On the day of her departure she reluctantly got into her Uncle’s pickup and waved goodbye to her parents.  Read more...

Rating: 76%, Read 55502 times, Posted Oct 03, 2022

Fiction | Anal, First Time, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

Rescuing Ba by secondus3085

Chip was woken up by his phone ringing. He stumbled over to it wondering who the fuck would be calling this early on a Saturday. Hopefully it wasn’t one of those cute little barflies calling to tell him to get tested. Without looking he answered the phone. “What?” He immediately recognized the voice, even though he hadn’t heard it in several years, “Nat’s missing, we need you to go look for her.” “Well good morning to you too. What do you mean she’s missing?” “After her graduation she went on Read more...

Rating: 75%, Read 31082 times, Posted Sep 23, 2022

Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Drug, Fisting, Incest, Male, Teen Female

Ellie's Gamble by secondus3085

“What? You’re not the least bit curious? You’ve been dating him for a couple months and you think he’s such a great guy, this way you’ll know for sure.” Brandy forced the baggy into Ellie’s hands. Ellie reluctantly took the bag of pills and slipped it into her clutch. “So what, I have a couple of drinks and take one? See how he treats me when I’m drunk?” Ellie hated the idea but saw the twisted logic to it. Brandy had these pills that’d effectively immobilize you. You’d feel everything but woul Read more...

Rating: 72%, Read 7508 times, Posted Sep 23, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Asian, Drug, Reluctance

Uncle's Hypnotherapy by secondus3085

Paul looked at his niece. It was really a shame that she had put on all this weight so early. Her mom was hot up into her late thirties before she too got thick. He shook his head. There were still the remains of an attractive woman about Shannon, and even though her thighs were bulging and her stomach had obvious rolls, her tits were still pronounced and her face was as cute as could be. Paul felt his cock twitch as he pondered if Shannon spit or swallowed. Of course she swallowed, a girl like  Read more...

Rating: 94%, Read 56914 times, Posted Dec 13, 2021

Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Incest, Mind Control, Virginity

College Break 2 - Christmas by secondus3085

It didn’t take long for Chelsie to finally admit to Amy and Jill that it was actually her Uncle who she got fucked by. She really hadn’t thought out her story and it took very little to piece together what’d actually happened. Chelsie was surprised by how accepting they were. Amy and Jill of course still felt some shame in their threesome and it helped to know that at least a videotaped threesome with a professor was more socially acceptable than fucking your biological Uncle. The couple of wee Read more...

Rating: 90%, Read 12747 times, Posted Dec 06, 2021

Fiction | Asian, Exhibitionism, Extreme, Incest, Male, Pegging, Teen Female

College Break - Thanksgiving by secondus3085

Jill saw Amy and Chelsie across the quad and hurried over to them. She was eager to share the bad news with her friends. “You are not going to believe this! My parents said that plane tickets are too expensive so I won’t be going home for Thanksgiving.” The short brunette pouted as she said this. “Hey, you’ll be in good company, I’m going to be here the whole break and Chelsie will be here for most of it.” Amy was always trying to support Jill. Amy was straight, but Jill was just so cute and pe Read more...

Rating: 94%, Read 9917 times, Posted Nov 18, 2021

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Drug, Female, Incest, Old Male

Alaina's Snooping by secondus3085

Alaina picked through the clothes and drawers in Miciela’s room. The Brazilian Au Pair was only a couple years older than Alaina, and the fact that her parents had hired her gave Alaina the creeps. How was her mom okay with this thick, tanned, tart prancing around their home? Last weekend Alaina had seen Miciela tanning in the backyard in the smallest swimsuit imaginable. Just this morning Miciela has worn shorts at breakfast that didn’t cover her ass, the shorts were so scrunched up Miciela’s c Read more...

Rating: 95%, Read 6923 times, Posted Nov 18, 2021

Fiction | Female, Incest, Old Male, Teen, Voyeurism

Dark Tome by secondus3085

Dark Tome 1 - Grace’s Curiosity Grace had always been told not to go into the library’s basement. The University had been around for over a hundred years and there is no telling what was growing down there. Grace was feeling adventurous though and even though she was normally a stickler for the rules she had not seen any written rule saying don’t go down to the basement. The door was locked but Grace had found the key while she was working in the library over the summer. She knew the big cast  Read more...

Rating: 91%, Read 7652 times, Posted Oct 20, 2021

Fantasy | Anal, Bestiality, Extreme, Horror, Mind Control, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Virginity

Trailer Trash by secondus3085

Jared grabbed his bag and headed for the door. Before stepping out of the trailer he turned back and yelled towards his mom, “Hey, I’m leaving for my shift, I’ll be back around nine thirty.” He was already moving through the doorway when his mom called back, “Okay sweetie, Marg and I are headed to the Blue Bell tonight so don’t wait up.” Great, Jared’s mom was already a drunk but when her sister Margrette was in town she became even worse. The first time Jared had seen a woman naked in person w Read more...

Rating: 94%, Read 35801 times, Posted Oct 12, 2021

Fiction | Incest, Male, Mature, Old Female, Threesome

Mandy's New Pills 2 by secondus3085

Ed grabbed his bags and headed out the door. His cab had arrived and he was headed back out on business. He said goodbye to his daughter and nephew as he left. It was a Thursday afternoon and he knew there would be traffic on the way to the airport. Ed hadn’t been this happy in a while. Mandy had somehow made a complete turn around and seemed to have a reason to get out of bed in the mornings. As he crossed his lawn he heard a familiar shrill voice, “Ed, Ed before you go do you have a minute?”  Read more...

Rating: 93%, Read 24223 times, Posted Oct 06, 2021

Fiction | Blackmail, Consensual Sex, Drug, Extreme, Incest

Emily Gets Her Dues by secondus3085

Emily cleared her throat as the elevator rose. She adjusted herself a little bit, making sure her pencil skirt was perfect and her blouse captured her great figure. Her forty fifth birthday was two weeks ago and she was determined to not let it show. The elevator slowed and the doors opened. Emily drove forward with purpose, nodding as she passed people, just to let them know that she was aware of their existence. She knew that the men in the office wanted to stare at her shapely ass and tight b Read more...

Rating: 93%, Read 7009 times, Posted Jul 08, 2021

Fiction | At work, BDSM, Blackmail, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

House of Sin by secondus3085

Katie was unsure about what she should do. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her and kicked her out of his place. As she sat in her car with her meager belongings she ran through her options. Stacy might take her in, but she’d been clear in the past that she wasn’t big on people just crashing at her place. Katie might be able to get away with it for a night but she needed to figure out something a little longer term. She had an Aunt and Uncle in town but her family had never been too close t Read more...

Rating: 94%, Read 5725 times, Posted Jul 08, 2021

Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest

Tami Gets Even by secondus3085

Tami knew she hadn’t really been taking care of her body the last couple of years. She’d always thought that once the kids moved out she would have the chance to slim back down to her good old days. 30 pounds later she was still a lot thicker than she’d like, and her husband still never seemed that interested in her. Robert had always traveled for work but the last couple of years he was taking more and more opportunities abroad. The money was good and Tami loved the freedom she got from her hus Read more...

Rating: 95%, Read 21875 times, Posted Jun 10, 2021

Fiction | Blowjob, Cheating, Fisting, Mature, Wife

Neighbors are Bitches by secondus3085

It was early Friday evening when Brendan got a knock on his door. He quickly put on some pants. There was another knock as he shuffled to the door. He looked through the peephole and was surprised to see his neighbor from across the hall. He fumbled with the door but got it open. He immediately regretted not actually getting dressed that morning. His hair was disheveled and his shirt could use a wash. Brendan knew he cleaned up well but he wasn’t cleaned up. Brendan kinda just stared at the ath Read more...

Rating: 93%, Read 33488 times, Posted Jun 10, 2021

Fiction | Bestiality, Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Voyeurism

Golden Lake by secondus3085

Their car rambled along as John and his daughter Mary made their way to the Golden Lake trailhead one Saturday in spring. Mary had wanted to do something special for turning eighteen and even though it was technically a couple days after her birthday this was going to be the real celebration. She had already celebrated with her family, but now she and her boyfriend were going camping, mostly alone, for a night. Mary had wanted it to be just her and Tommy but her dad had convinced her that the ar Read more...

Rating: 94%, Read 7564 times, Posted May 13, 2021

Fiction | Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Virginity

Night Shift at Eddies by secondus3085

Amy and Liz had the graveyard shift again. There was nothing fun about working from 8PM to 4 AM, but the two girls got along and since it was a Tuesday night they’d probably only get a couple of orders in the last half of their shift. Amy was a local girl, she was one of the pretty girls in high school but just cause you were pretty four years ago doesn’t mean you’re anything now. She was still attractive, at 5’2” and a hair over 100 pounds. However with her skinniness also came a lack of tits.  Read more...

Rating: 92%, Read 7457 times, Posted May 13, 2021

Fiction | At work, Exhibitionism, Female, Fisting

Ashley and Antoinette by secondus3085

Jim hated going to bars in this part of the city, but if he wanted to get laid then there was no better place. He tried a place called Lucky Jay’s but the pickings were pretty slim. He spent a couple hours bouncing from one bar to the next without finding a chick who was that sweet spot of drunk, cute, but not too cute to attract all the other guys out looking for fuck meat. He’d given up hope when he pulled out his phone and was about to call a ride home. “Oh my fucking god is that Jim?!?!” Ji Read more...

Rating: 76%, Read 1599 times, Posted Apr 09, 2021

Fiction | Anal, Drug, Extreme, Fisting, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex

Sleepover 2 by secondus3085

Sara woke up the next day and was surprised she didn’t see any texts from the friend chat. Deciding to be proactive she texted the girls, “Last night was crazy, I can’t believe you brought those guys back… You two seemed like you could handle them so I ducked out ;)” Sara then went back to her computer and began downloading the footage from all the various cameras. She also sent a message to the guys to get their photos. Around noon she started to get responses. It took all of her self-control n Read more...

Rating: 91%, Read 1895 times, Posted Apr 09, 2021

Fiction | Cruelty, Drug, Extreme, Humiliation, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Virginity

Mandy's New Pills by secondus3085

Ed was getting worried about his daughter. She had always had some problems but after she “quit” from her last job and moved back into the house it was clear she was in a bad place. It didn’t help that he traveled for work most weekdays and even some weekends. He’d come back from work trips and the house would be a mess, and it’d be obvious Mandy had been on a bender of some kind. That’s why when his nephew said he was moving to the area, Ed jumped on the opportunity to bring some supervision in Read more...

Rating: 94%, Read 30015 times, Posted Mar 16, 2021

Fiction | Drug, Extreme, Incest, Non-consensual sex

Quarantining with Cheryl by secondus3085

“Hey are sure she’s cool with this? You said that she’s become so anxious she won’t even leave the home, you think she’ll be ok with me living in her house?” Rob was talking with his mom about his new living arrangement. He’d recently gotten the news that moving forward his employer was implementing work from home for all staff. He’d been looking for a reason to break his lease and move out of his crowded apartment for some time and this gave him the motivation he needed. His drive was quickly t Read more...

Rating: 95%, Read 124914 times, Posted Feb 24, 2021

Fiction | Anal, Enema, Incest, Male, Mature, Old Female

Round Hill by secondus3085

Denna had cheated on Ben for the last time. She’d always worked odd hours as a real estate agent but he’d finally been able to prove she’d been going behind his back and he could divorce her cleanly. Ben felt some real hatred toward Denna but not enough to actually do anything about it. After the divorce papers were finalized he went out for a couple drinks. While at the bar he met a group of rough looking guys and decided to vent a little bit about his bitch ex-wife. As the night went on the co Read more...

Rating: 64%, Read 12504 times, Posted Feb 19, 2021

Fiction | At work, Cruelty, Extreme, Mature, Rape

After Party by secondus3085

He’d never seen Emily and Zoe this drunk before. He’d gotten to know these girls over the last couple years and although he had heard that they “went hard” he’d never seen it for himself. Helping them to a cab while they were both practically tripping over each other was something new. He’d hoped to get laid tonight but unless something changed it looked like he’d be headed home soon. “Hey, Emily and I are headed back to my place to keep the party going. You should come too, I think Emily is ge Read more...

Rating: 80%, Read 16097 times, Posted Feb 18, 2021

Fiction | Drug, Extreme, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Rape