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Screwing The Animal by Zorro

Priscilla - a masochistic and inordinately submissive 44-year-old - rated as a luscious creature. Her hair was black; she had svelte legs and medium-sized tits, while she sported a round tush. But her female friends would've been shocked had they been aware she was her town's easiest lay. Visiting live sex-clubs aroused her and she fornicated with truckers at highway rest areas. As well, she frequented bars and propositioned strange guys to bed her. However, she regularly attended an Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 2274 times, Posted Mar 19, 2023

Fiction | Bestiality

Maternal Instincts by Zorro

Part 1 - Renewing Her Vows The dominant, white, kinky, non-violently misogynistic and 40-y/o Delbert had been mulling a certain idea regarding his and Carol, his 38-y/o wife's twentieth-second wedding anniversary before a July, Thursday evening when he and his sons, the 19-y/o Gabriel and 21-y/o Marty, were at a bookstore to buy a James Patterson novel. Instead, Gabriel happened to find Marilyn Monroe's nude centerfold in a magazine 'I wonder if she ever did porn,' he said. 'She was  Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 592 times, Posted Mar 16, 2023

Fiction | Incest