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The rape of Casey by Yealink

The Rape of Casey Casey Burton lived next door to me. Her and her husband Jim moved in less than a year ago. They were newlyweds from near the city and wanted a quieter place to live and raise a family. At first, I liked them. Jim and I became friendly, and we’d have an occasional beer together in one or the others garages. Soon it became obvious they were having problems and shortly thereafter Jim moved a out and they got a divorce. I still said hello when I saw Casey, I mean who wouldn’t? At  Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 307 times, Posted Oct 28, 2022

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The Shed: Spying on Amber by Yealink

The Shed: Spying on Amber Amy is my twin sister. We were born less than an hour apart. By all accounts we were a “surprise” to our parents and older siblings. Charlie, the oldest, turned 33 last month. Meg and Liz (also twins) turned 28 in April, and the closest to us, Amber, will be 25 this fall. Amber just finished college at State and moved back in after graduation. She was taking the summer off to relax before starting the job hunt for a career. Our parents are very laid back and thought t Read more...

Rating: 87%, Read 118344 times, Posted Sep 30, 2022

Fiction | Female, Incest, Teen Male, Voyeurism

Em's Panties Pt 10 by Yealink

Pt 10 Over the next four days our parents ran us ragged. Venice is beautiful, there is no doubt. It certainly doesn’t disappoint in any way except the heat. Fuck all, that place gets hot, and that’s saying something from someone who called Oklahoma home for 18 years. Each day we would venture out on a family outing. We would return late afternoons to the smell of Mia making something heavenly. Then it was showers, dinner, and usually some cheesy Italian TV until bed. We slept with the large ver Read more...

Rating: 91%, Read 89962 times, Posted Aug 31, 2022

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Em's Panties Pt 7 by Yealink

After Em and I cleaned up the bathroom from earlier, I took a shower to clean off then went down to the kitchen for a drink while she did the same. With Mom passed out my plan was to spend a few more hours with Em having some fun. As I closed the fridge though the house phone rang. Since Mom was out cold I answered. “Hello?” “Keith its your Father. Is mom awake?” My Dad sounded annoyed. “No sir, she’s asleep. She had a glass of wine with dinner.” “I just landed at base. I will catch a ride  Read more...

Rating: 50%, Read 4514 times, Posted Aug 19, 2022

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Em's Panties Pt 8 by Yealink

The next morning was Sunday and my Dad woke me up at 6am and asked if I’d go running with him. I said yes and got up, changed into some running clothes and met him in the driveway where he was already stretching. “Morning Keith,” He was in a rare happy mood. Maybe it was because he was off duty for the foreseeable future, or maybe it was because he fucked mom for 45 minutes. Either way I liked when he was like this. More Dad and less officer. He talked incessantly while we ran. I was struggling Read more...

Rating: 79%, Read 76266 times, Posted Aug 18, 2022

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Em's Panties Pt 5 by Yealink

After a few minutes Em emerged from the bathroom. She came over to my bed and flopped dramatically down next to me. We were eye to eye on inches apart. She smiled and I smiled back. I was still coming down from my best orgasm ever. “That was interesting” she opened with. “Your tip is super sensitive huh?” She asked. “Yeah, it’s like a boys clit.” I joked. “You know what your clit is right?” “Yeah I’m not stupid. They showed us in health class. Um, it’s above where pee comes out? I think?” “W Read more...

Rating: 81%, Read 85291 times, Posted Aug 05, 2022

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Em's Panties Pt 6 by Yealink

Em and I probably could have stayed naked on my bed all day. We were so happy together and so satisfied with our orgasms that we were very relaxed. I enjoyed looking at my sisters nude form. As much as we were in paradise together the fear of being found out finally forced us to get up, get dressed, and throw my blankets in the wash. For the next few hours we did house chores. But we would also sneak peeks at each other, or make the occasional comment, or have a quick pinch, poke, or grope of o Read more...

Rating: 83%, Read 34400 times, Posted Aug 05, 2022

Diary | Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male

Em's Panties Pt 4 by Yealink

After Em and I both showered, and started laundry to hide all evidence of the mornings activities, we flopped on the couch with the TV on. We were quiet except when one would catch the other making eye contact, then we would both giggle. A few times she touched my hand, or I would touch hers, as a silent gesture reassuring that things between us were good. For my part I thought about her pussy. How good it had smelled, how tight it was just trying to get my tongue in there, and how easily I’d ma Read more...

Rating: 84%, Read 35314 times, Posted Jul 28, 2022

Diary | Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male

Em's Panties Pt 3 by Yealink

I woke the next morning to jog. Last night played over and over in my head. My sister. My SEXY sister. And her gift of the used panties. I had sniffed them through the night and when I got up this morning I threw them in the hamper. I so wanted to keep them but if mom found then while cleaning up, I was done for. I was sluggish, and could already feel the Oklahoma heat radiating through the bedroom window. I went to piss and brush my teeth before heading out. When I was done on knocked on the do Read more...

Rating: 90%, Read 101707 times, Posted Jul 21, 2022

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Em's Panties Pt2 by Yealink

After what happened Saturday morning with Em on our couch, I was worried about how things would be between us going forward. After I came I went to shower and Em cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. When I got done she was in her room. I knocked to check on her from the bathroom door. “Em, you ok?” I asked. “Are WE ok?” “Yes” she responded “I just need some time to process everything is that ok?” “Of course it is. I’m going to watch TV come down when you’re ready.” About an hour later our Mo Read more...

Rating: 83%, Read 42543 times, Posted Jul 20, 2022

Fiction | Incest, Masturbation

Em's Panties Pt 1 by Yealink

Em’s Panties My sister Emily (Em as we call her) is a grade behind me in school. We never used to be that close growing up even though we were so close in age. She had her nerd friends and I hung with the jocks. Em is a plain looking girl compared to most. We are close in height, both have dark blonde hair and blue eyes, however her hair gets much lighter in the summer and mine doesn’t, and we have athletic builds. Em really hasn’t developed like her friends have. I’ve definitely noticed her be Read more...

Rating: 83%, Read 50067 times, Posted Jul 19, 2022

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Family Pool House Pt 2 by Yealink

PART 2: Dad, as he always did, arrived in style. He arrived in a brand new Cadillac that took up most of the one side of the driveway. Then he laid on the horn until we all came outside, then made a big show of walking around the car, before opening the passenger door to help someone out. “Everyone, this is Amanda” he exclaimed, “the love of my life.” Amanda was something to behold. Immediately, I could tell she was young. She seemed shy and just sort of half waved at all of us as Dad did int Read more...

Rating: 76%, Read 26484 times, Posted Apr 28, 2022

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Family Pool House Pt 1 by Yealink

Part 1: The earliest sexual memory I have of my sister was when we were both in middle school. Our Parents had divorced and my mom had to take a second job and would not be home until later after dinner usually. Back in those days we were called latch key kids, as we had to let ourselves into the house because no parent was home. I was just old enough to be responsible for the 2 of us. My sister is 2 years younger than I am. We grew up in a decent area. Houses were far enough apart that we all Read more...

Rating: 77%, Read 46958 times, Posted Apr 27, 2022

Fiction | Voyeurism, Young