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Foreign Affairs by Wrulf

Part 1 The white, 23-y/o Stefan and Noah were chums living in a Cambridge, England, having gone to Istanbul, Turkey, for their summer vacation. The Saturday night after their arrival, they were strolling past a bar when Noah pointed toward a black-haired girl outside it. 'Look,' he said. 'What a tart!' Stefan replied since she was rubbing her vag through her dress. They then walked up to her, and 'afferdesiniz ('excuse me'), do you know English?' Stefan inquired. 'Yes, I  Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 282 times, Posted Mar 13, 2023

Fiction | Group Sex

Wicked by Wrulf

Part 1 The white, 19-y/o Georg and the also-white, 20-y/o Sebastian, were attending summer classes at a university. And one Thursday evening in early-July, they were studying when Georg was surfing online and encountered a Net-group, “DisreputableTarts.” He joined it and scrolled through its membership list until he found a naked woman’s picture showing her large, firm tits, well-formed legs and long, brown hair. He then read a message: - “Hello. My name is Carol. I’m a 36-y/o widow living  Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 3823 times, Posted Nov 18, 2022

Fiction | Bestiality

Low-Caste Whore by Wrulf

The divorced, 37-y/o Deepti, an East Indian native who spoke English, craved unrestricted verbal abuse, water sports, scat and severe humiliation. Her big tits didn't sag; her arse was firm and her legs were shapely. At 18, however, she submitted to servicing Cookie, a male friend's dog. She loved it, while several years later, her aunt persuaded her to screw a pony during a party in Mumbai where she lived and bought Simba, another dog. As well, she sensed that Rohit, her cute, 18-y/ Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 1189 times, Posted Nov 16, 2022

Fiction | Incest

The Wife Chronicles by Wrulf

The Wife Chronicles Part 1 - Annihilating Her Dignity Dominant, attractive, white and sexist, Leroy - a 29-year-old - thought the female species was inferior but didn’t know anyone who agreed before copulating with the submissive, 28-y/o Sylvia during a Halloween orgy. Her large paps and haunches were firm; she had nice legs and reddish-blonde hair. Due to her promiscuity, though, Leroy demanded that she marry him since he didn't believe in marital sanctity. One Wednesday evening Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 853 times, Posted Nov 16, 2022

Fiction | Humiliation