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Fatal Escape by Thunderbolt1234

Birgida and Gylda sat in a thick grove of trees outside a small cottage. Hours earlier, they had both escaped Guarda prison. Both had been on a forced work detail at a nearby farm. Birgida was a small woman only five foot three. For her height she was extremely busty measuring ninety five E. This alway got the guards attention. Warden Sanchez, a devout religious man had made all guards aware that any guard caught fraternizing with prisoners would be severely punished. He was know Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 497 times, Posted Feb 12, 2023

Fiction | Rape, Snuff

Magnus by Thunderbolt1234

King Magnus smiled in absolute euphoria. His wife, Queen Calista rode his cock leisurely, her eyes close as she climaxed. His hands greedily kneaded her breasts pinching her nipples between his fingers. Her vagina tightened as she screamed. Magnus now lost control grunting as he filled her womb with cum. Magnus caught his breath then quickly blinked. The Queen gradually blurred changing shape. “What…what is this?” He watched as the Queen morphed into a dark haired woman, her skin o Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 1070 times, Posted Sep 16, 2022

Fiction | Rape, Snuff

The Reporter by Thunderbolt1234

The muffled sound of screams echoed in the warehouse. Three men brutally shoved Doris Mitchell into a make shift cell. Feeling her arms free, Doris snatched the hood covering her head. Three huge goons stood outside a chain link cage grinning at her. Glancing around, she spied another cage and a figure cowering in the corner. “You know what we want, tell us where the film is and this ends…and you live.” Doris smiled at the goon who had spoke. She knew the pictures she had taken, while Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 1925 times, Posted Sep 12, 2022

Fiction | Rape, Snuff

Zombie set up by Thunderbolt1234

Rebecca sighed feeling weightless. She could see she was lying nude on a bed. But her body felt so good. Closing her eyes, the teen felt lips on her nipples, fingers probing her vagina. Her eyes fluttered seeing a blurry figure above her. “B…Billy?” A finger pushed deep inside causing Rebecca to gasp. “Yea…yea it’s Billy, do you feel good, want me to stop?” Rebecca moaned slightly and lost consciousness. Doctor Carl Tobin lay on top of the Rebecca. His fat stomach, covered in swe Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 553 times, Posted Sep 03, 2022

Fiction | Cannibalism, Snuff