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Sarah Bryant: A real life fighter by Crunchgasm

Sarah Bryant was going home from yet another day at college, when she heard screams. Running over to find out what was happening, the blonde student found two criminals tearing off the clothes of a fellow female student while kicking a downed male all over his body. At first shocked, Sarah soon broke into a run, not giving any of the attackers a chance to react to her presence by warning them. She sent a right high kick into the head of an attacker who was shaven bald, and followed it up by a m Read more...

Rating: 70%, Read 2521 times, Posted Sep 30, 2022

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Murder, Oral Sex, Snuff

The Annihilator: Part 4 by Crunchgasm

Tanner made his way to a local high school, having used the night time to avoid much attention. After an hour or so of walking, he had the building in sight, and decided to sleep on one of the benches in the nearby park. Indeed, only very light patrols were on the outskirts of the city, as the rogue Annihilator was expected to go after the government offices in the heart of the city. However, a policeman had come in the morning to interrogate some of the teachers and students as to whether they Read more...

Rating: 47%, Read 2946 times, Posted Sep 30, 2022

Fiction | Asian, Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Male, Murder, Snuff, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome

Gotta Break 'Em All 6: His hard, Golden rod ready for massacre by Crunchgasm

The Machamp came out of the trading station building, alongside Machop and the accompanying humans, and witnessed several localized conflicts in the streets. He wasn't going to intervene immediately, though. He communicated his priority to Machop: sealing off the exits from the city, just as he had done in Azalea. This was not going to be easy, since there were four points to block. At least those who had seen a Machoke kill people before might not recognize the Machamp with an unusual colorat Read more...

Rating: 25%, Read 1538 times, Posted Jul 31, 2022

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Rape, Snuff, Violence

The Annihilator: Part 3 by Crunchgasm

Tanner made his way out of the arena, to Annihilator Studios where all the recording and broadcasting of the Game is done. As he was making his way there, throngs of horny fans clustered around him. The youthful stud has truly shocked and overawed the audience. He had to go through a tunnel of sorts leading up the studio, where a big screen showing live video from the hunting grounds was located. The show host readied to interview the successful young killer. One fan with big breasts jumped up Read more...

Rating: 41%, Read 1089 times, Posted Feb 21, 2022

Fiction | Death, Female, Gay, Murder, Snuff, Teen Male, Violence

Gotta Break 'Em All part 5: Machampion of death by Crunchgasm

Machoke, and the group around him moved on Goldenrod. He and his Machop understudy believed they would be able to handle humans in the big city, and repeat what they had done in Azalea Town, just on a bigger scale. Their biggest problem was being fearless, and doing most of their violence in open view. Such was the case for the Trainers on Route 34. Machoke spotted Campers on both sides of the Route, and moved to the left, while Machop moved to the right. They moved at a steady pace, believing  Read more...

Rating: 12%, Read 892 times, Posted Dec 29, 2021

Fiction | Death, Gay, Male, Murder, Snuff, Teen Female, Violence

Dead, not Alive: Women to die for: Part 1 by Crunchgasm

Unleashing their deadly beauty Mai Shiranui was in trouble, or at least, the guards at a secret M.I.S.T. facility who had uncovered the kunoichi trying to infiltrate it, believed they had her firmly under control. She had decided to help fellow kunoichi Ayane and Kasumi take down a rather significant threat to world peace, and set off for the facility situated on Kauai Island, concealed beneath a steep hill. However, intelligent AI security sounded an alarm after scanning of all persons enteri Read more...

Rating: 70%, Read 1960 times, Posted Dec 16, 2021

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Lesbian, Murder, Oral Sex, Snuff

The Annihilator: Part 2 by Crunchgasm

he Annihilator's kills were attracting attention of other participants, however. A corrupt cop named Walker had been going through a post office nearby, looking for the coveted gold bar, when he heard the elated commentary of the announcer, over the pained wailing of Jan. He suspected the Annihilator was close. He had prepared himself for that occasion, by constructing a primitive fragmentation bomb from materials found in abandoned stores. Tanner was scanning the area around him, trying to fin Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 425 times, Posted Sep 18, 2021

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Male, Murder, Snuff, Teen Male, Violence

The Annihilator: Part 1 by Crunchgasm

A silvery blimp with mounted cameras overflies a suburb in ruins. The area is large, and at the edges, a barbed wire prevents access to a brick wall. The blimp had searchlights as well, while the flashing logo of the show revealed the nature of the place. ” Escape from Death” featured 8 contestants in search of a single bar of solid gold. Whoever could claim it before being caught by the Annihilator, would leave the hunting grounds alive, and quite a bit richer than before entering the twisted  Read more...

Rating: 28%, Read 1878 times, Posted Jun 08, 2021

Fiction | Death, Female, Murder, Snuff, Teen Male, Violence

Sonya Blade- Femmefatality 2 by Crunchgasm

The Mortal Kombat tournament had reached its most interesting stage: two of the finest warriors Earth had to offer, would fight each other, and only the winner would get to fight the scheming mastermind: Shang Tsung. It was his quickly concocted scheme that had sown a rift between the forces of Earthrealm, and since it had worked so well, the evil sorcerer decided not to kidnap Sonya Blade, and force Liu Kang into a decisive battle to save her. They would injure each other heavily, and whoever  Read more...

Rating: 28%, Read 1782 times, Posted Feb 02, 2021

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Male, Pissing, Snuff, Violence, Water Sports

Fiery Passion for Pain by Crunchgasm

May Maple, a novice Pokémon Trainer from Littleroot Town in Hoenn, had just won her fourth Gym badge, defeating the Fire type Leader Flannery. She could now challenge her father Norman, who was the Gym Leader of Petalburg. She was confident of winning there, actually, as her Combusken was showing signs of being close to evolution- namely, he was sprouting more feathers on his upper back. However, there were also other signs, of a sexual nature. May thought it was a good thing to have Torchic, n Read more...

Rating: 42%, Read 3184 times, Posted Jan 06, 2021

Fiction | Blowjob, Cuckold, Death, Domination, Female, Male, Murder, Snuff, Teen Female, Violence

Gotta Break 'Em All Part 4- Practice makes perfect death by Crunchgasm

Machoke had achieved control of Azalea Town. Lethal control. To fully seal the fate of the people in this place, he sought a helper. Thus, he went towards Union Cave, while most people in Azalea never thought about escaping. What the stud was looking for, was a male Machop willing to try out…live training. He actually found one trying to push away the boulders and squeeze through, confused about why there were boulders at the Azalea exit, when they had not been there before. Machoke went to ex Read more...

Rating: 36%, Read 2328 times, Posted Dec 29, 2020

Fiction | Blowjob, Boy, Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Group Sex, Male, Murder, Snuff, Teen Female

Wonderous Age of Woman-part 4 by Crunchgasm

Wonder Woman had killed many men, and sent a lucky female into unconsciousness following passionate lesbian sex, all during a mission to defeat terrorists occupying a large research complex. Due to certain events, her moral compass had altered direction, and now, the Themysciran princess stood in a room with one male hostage she saved from the terrorists, ready to kill him, just like she offed his colleague. He had come, turned on way past the point of self-control by the incredible lesbian sex Read more...

Rating: 55%, Read 3776 times, Posted May 27, 2020

Fiction | Domination, Extreme, Female, Lesbian, Murder, Pissing, Scatology, Transgendered, Water Sports

Gotta Break 'Em All 3: Machoke used Submission! by Crunchgasm

The town known as Azalea was in its final hours of existence as a populated settlement. The fate of its inhabitants was sealed, because a Machoke with an insatiable drive to kill had taken over, having evolved during a battle following an attempted takeover by Team Rocket. He was taller than many humans and perfectly sculpted- a shining example of masculinity, literally. His bluish skin shone from a light layer of sweat on top of it. This emphasized his strength and vitality, and made him too a Read more...

Rating: 70%, Read 3438 times, Posted May 21, 2020

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Group Sex, Male, Murder, Oral Sex, Snuff

Sonya Blade- Femmefatality by Crunchgasm

Sonya Blade hated that criminal. Kano was a vicious criminal, specifically a drug and weapons dealer coming from Australia. These were heinous crimes, but the cruel man had killed her partner on a mission aimed at ending the operations of the Black Dragon cartel Kano was a member of. She would get her chance to avenge her partner’s violent death by participating in an interdimensional tournament, where an evil sorcerer named Shang Tsung hoped his army of monsters from the Outworld would secure  Read more...

Rating: 47%, Read 3111 times, Posted Apr 16, 2020

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Male, Snuff, Violence

Deathgivers 2 by Crunchgasm

Ken Shamrock was in the Independence Arena at the UFC 5 event in Charlotte, North Carolina, ready to fight Royce Gracie in the main event. He was a fierce fighter, respected and feared by opposition who knew the kind of training one had to go through, to succeed in mixed martial arts. However, there were those who did not respect him, or the law. As a Deathgiver, Ken Shamrock had made powerful people his enemies, in particular, by his murder of two higher-up drug dealers in Atlanta, as they wer Read more...

Rating: 20%, Read 9062 times, Posted Mar 31, 2020

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Death, Female, Male, Murder, Snuff

Dark Street Justice by Crunchgasm

Four large, aggressive males surrounded Marjean Holden. Her home town of Minneapolis was, like many cities in America, exposed to flare-ups of interracial strife. A “not guilty” verdict in a trial of a black teenager accused of raping a wealthy industrialist’s wife infuriated many people across the nation, and created massive civil unrest and chaos on the streets. Marjean found herself having to use her martial arts to deadly effect, to stop rampaging attacks coming from bloodthirsty racists. T Read more...

Rating: 57%, Read 4693 times, Posted Jan 07, 2020

Fiction | Black, Death, Domination, Extreme, Female, Murder, Oral Sex, Snuff

Deathgivers- Ryu Hoshi by Crunchgasm

PROLOGUE Fierce conflicts on the socio-political issue of abortion were a mainstay of American politics. It took the increasing influence of Japan and its differing cultural views on the matter of death to start a process, which would lead to the appearance of Deathgivers. Liberal circles began accepting the idea that living one’s life was not an obligation, under the influence of primarily Japanese culture. Debates brought on the issue of equalizing the stance on the death penalty, euthanasia Read more...

Rating: 60%, Read 4908 times, Posted Oct 02, 2019

Fiction | Asian, Bi-sexual, Death, Domination, Extreme, Female, Male, Murder, Snuff

Kunoichi, mistresses of love and death by Crunchgasm

It is the middle of the night. A small military research and development installation sits in the middle of a dense snow covered forest. Guards patrol the area in a disciplined and routine fashion, following orders with every step. What they are developing here is known only to a select few, top-secret world-changing developments. The soldiers were guarding a privately owned complex; however, the U.S. army was guarding it, as they stood to be the beneficiary of the research. Scientists and other Read more...

Rating: 47%, Read 4426 times, Posted Jul 23, 2019

Fiction | Cruelty, Death, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Murder, Romance, Snuff, Violence

The deadly body of Taki by Crunchgasm

Atop a large, Oriental-style rooftop a human shape was crouched, yet concealed by the coming darkness of the evening. Taki, the best kunoichi of the Fu-Ma clan was on a mission to kill, again. A ruthless warlord in the north of Honshu has been making the lives of common people a misery, and what’s worse, apparently sought to undo a seal on a tomb that was rumored to contain an ancient warlord turned demon. The kunoichi knew the bloodshed she was about to commit would create a power vacuum, and t Read more...

Rating: 75%, Read 5227 times, Posted Jun 17, 2019

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Murder, Pissing, Snuff, Water Sports

Gotta Break 'Em All part 2: He wants to be the very best by Crunchgasm

The fan, who had not known what the Machoke truly wanted to do with him, approached the buff Pokémon at his beckon. As he came, the Machoke wasted no time in exposing his stiff erection. Naturally, the male human that had come close, and everyone else who saw the impressive penis and testicles of the Fighting type gasped and shouted in surprise and disbelief, as they didn’t expect a breach of public morals, not even from a Pokémon. The fan had not backed off though, and Machoke would not have w Read more...

Rating: 60%, Read 6010 times, Posted Feb 28, 2019

Fiction | Coercion, Cruelty, Cuckold, Domination, Female, Gay, Male, Murder, Snuff, Violence

Momiji's Ascent_(0) by Crunchgasm

Ryu Hayabusa was in the process of destroying the final set of barriers that were shielding the nascent super soldier project, and the clone storage areas. The dangerous project most likely initiated by the secretive schemer Donovan could be a massive threat to world stability, as it seemed certain groups were already making orders for these super soldiers. Momiji went with Ryu as support, who assisted the independent kunoichi and long-time ally in eliminating the security forces that were guar Read more...

Rating: 66%, Read 5016 times, Posted Jan 09, 2019

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Male, Murder, Snuff, Violence

Cammy White’s snapgasm by Crunchgasm

Leonhard was using his computer for complex chemical equations, wracking his brains in service of a nasty dictator named Bison. He was caught in a raid on his own workplace, and given the choice of a very lucrative pay, or demise. The choice was obvious. Still, even with no direct pressure on him, the man knew he was working in dangerous conditions. He suspected his work was needed for some sort of weapon... Cammy smiled as she saw the poor nerdy-looking male typing away at a computer. She slid Read more...

Rating: 75%, Read 6235 times, Posted Aug 10, 2018

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Male, Murder, Oral Sex, Snuff

A stud's justice by Crunchgasm

Kevin and Lana were in trouble. They had wanted to go home as their high-school activities ended, but at one point, three very shady and angry guys blocked their path. As the dark-haired girl looked around for a way out, panicked, the 17-year-old chemist prodigy realized what has happened: he had busted an attempt by some no-good people to use the school lab secretly...for drug making. Now, they wanted revenge- these were the goons of the people that were now going to be tried and imprisoned. He Read more...

Rating: 47%, Read 9985 times, Posted Aug 07, 2018

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Death, Gay, Murder, School, Snuff, Teen Female, Teen Male, Violence

Wonderous Age of Woman-part 3 by Crunchgasm

The rest of the terrorists were becoming rather spooked by the turn of events, as those who were sent to check the cause of the commotion on the upper floors never came back. Yet strangely, they heard female moans from above, which made them consider the possibility that the attacker was a female who was defeated by the armed men. They never bothered to report in because they were having too much fun with her, perhaps? In any case, the remaining 7 terrorists locked all doors and placed themselve Read more...

Rating: 60%, Read 5303 times, Posted Jul 24, 2018

Fiction | Cruelty, Death, Domination, Female, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Snuff, Violence

Gotta Break 'Em All part 1: Lethal Justice by Crunchgasm

Team Rocket grunts were causing quite the chaos in Azalea Town, as they tried to steal Pokémon and valuables from inhabitants in a rather bold operation. As the attack happened in the morning, the townspeople were caught by surprise. Amongst them was a young man of a relatively fragile appearance named Stephen. His face trembled in fear, not just from the severity of the situation, but also from the thought of what might happen if he released the occupant of the only Poké Ball he had on him. A  Read more...

Rating: 62%, Read 11003 times, Posted Jul 12, 2018

Fiction | Bestiality, Boy, Death, Domination, Gay, Male, Murder, Snuff, Violence, Young