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Germany 1946 Part Two by Chriscrazy68

Chris couldn't take in what was happening before him. Phil kept whispering . " We have to do something ". " There is nothing we can do , we have to wait ". After the young girl had been raped by three soldiers she passed out . She was dragged away and was put on one of the chairs with her legs spread apart . The officer pointed to the two youngest soldiers ,then looked towards the chair . The soldier's knew what would happen if they didn't obey , and started walking towards the chair  Read more...

Rating: 0%, Read 243 times, Posted Mar 12, 2023

Fantasy | Oral Sex, Rape

Germany 1946 by Chriscrazy68

" Fuck me mate I thought the war was supposed to be over once the Russians had taken Berlin and the Germans , God knows how long it will last now " Chris turned and looked at his long term buddy Phil Fletcher . Both of them camouflaged in their ghillie suits laying in dug out in a small wooded area looking at the small farm about 300 metres away . " Yeah me too Phil , but Stalin decided to want the whole of Germany and to make them suffer for invading their motherland , but hopefully n Read more...

Rating: 0%, Read 194 times, Posted Mar 11, 2023

Fantasy | Oral Sex, Rape

Revenge for my Mother .Part Three , Deflowering by Chriscrazy68

Jane heard the voices coming down the steps , the light , which was just a light bulb attached to the electric wire . The woman entered first . " Good morning my little darlings I hope you slept well , we've got such a busy day ahead of us ". James and Jason followed behind carting two trays . " Breakfast is served eat it all up , I want to see empty plates when we get back ". The three of them left . Jane was starving , and thirsty , she finished the meal in minutes , and drank h Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 284 times, Posted Mar 01, 2023

Fantasy | Oral Sex, Rape